Italy’s Best, in Wildwood crest!

Sal’s Pizza & Restaurant is a little bit of Brooklyn and a lot of Sicily mixed together to create a delightful Italian restaurant filled with great food and family fun.

Sal’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant is not just a dining spot; it’s a vibrant fusion of Brooklyn’s dynamism and the authentic Sicilian culinary voyage. At the heart of it are Cecilia and Giuseppe, who took the helm 20 years ago, building on a family legacy that spans over 25 years.

Our secret?

A rich tapestry of recipes handed down through generations, combined with the influences acquired from friends and fellow restaurateurs in Palermo and Brooklyn. It’s this unmatched blend that makes Sal’s a one-of-a-kind gastronomic destination on the island.

Journey further into the Italian essence with our Gelateria, a dream realized in 2008 with the loving guidance of Cecilia’s sister and brother-in-law, experienced Gelateria owners in Italy. This Gelateria brings you closer to the Italian shores with every scoop, offering a gustatory adventure that transcends borders.

Join us in celebrating a rich heritage rooted in family, tradition, and of course, delightful Italian cuisine. Established 1979. A heartfelt thank you from the D’Arancio family.

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